28 Oct 2015
Madrid & Barcelona, Spain
Sustainable Transport

This courier solution, by creating an innovative network that is accessible on-line, has managed to reduce CO2 consumption in parcel transport, while at the same time increasing local employment.

CO2 consumption in parcel transport, while at the same time increasing local employment. It has the firm conviction that cooperation on and the development of local, environmentally-committed projects translates into an improvement of the living conditions of citizens.

The formula is simple: the pick-up and delivery of packages is grouped together and centralized in a single person per neighborhood , the local Koiki worker, who will subsequently distribute packages to the recipients (their neighbours), or the worker will pick up the packages in the neighborhood that have to be sent. An innovative and very effective proposal regarding the ability to minimize the trips associated with delivering a package by referencing Koiki workers by neighbourhoods. It has managed to improve and personalize the delivery service, reduce the environmental impact, and advance on socially integrating groups that have a disability.

How does Koiki contribute to improving the environment?

This transport service, committed to protecting the environment and improving the living conditions of society, attempts to reduce the traffic volumes in cities (together with the noise level and CO2 emissions) by developing its main activity: the transport of packages by bike, by walking, or using electric vehicles. Koiki has calculated that, with each package transported using the service it offers, the savings in CO2 emissions is 0.42 kg.

How does Koiki have a financial impact on the community and contribute to improving social and labour relations?

This innovative non-profit company has revolutionized the courier concept by optimizing local resources through a network of persons located in various neighborhoods of cities. It also cooperates with associations of disabled persons in order to contribute to increasing and improving employment opportunities for these groups.


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