28 Oct 2015
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Organic Food and Agriculture

A production model based on the social, environmental, and economic sustainability of fighting against food waste.

The Espigoladors association develops a production model that has an impact on three problems, which are both social and environmental: food waste; the lack of access to wholesome, healthy and nutritious food by some groups that are in a situation of vulnerability; and the lack of opportunities for these groups. Its social business model has an impact on dignifying people who are in a critical situation, and at the same time it sensitises the general population about a red-hot issue, which is food waste.

Specifically, the activity of this social business consists in collecting fruits and vegetables that are discarded, whether due to a drop in sales, due to aesthetic reasons, due to surplus production, or because a fruit is mature and consumer’s won’t buy it. In no case are fruits and vegetables collected if they are unfit for consumption.

Part of this collection is channelled directly to social entities that manage access to food for groups at risk. The other part is used to create new products (marmalades, creams, juices, sauces, preserves and vegetable pâtés), which are marketed under its social brand: “se im-perfect”.

Thus, an innovative production model is applied, which involves the direct recovery of products from the field (gleaning) and the inclusion of people at risk of exclusion.

Moreover, through this alternative, which is in tune with both the natural and social environments by not wasting food, Espigoladors provides a service to producers and companies that generate food surpluses.

How does Espigoladors contribute to improving the environment?

Its production model is based on the social, environmental, and economic sustainability of fighting against food waste.

Thus, Espigoladors, with a business model that is directly oriented at taking advantage of food surpluses, contributes to driving a change in social and environmental awareness in the various agents involved in the food chain, from the producer to the consumer. The drivers of this model are convinced that all the players are key in the process, and it is important to involve them and sensitise them to make the change a reality.

Moreover, the daily activity of Espigoladors includes sensitisation campaigns and workshops targeted at various audiences regarding the nutritional value of fruit and vegetables that do not reach the conventional aesthetic norms of commercial presentation.

How does Espigoladors have a financial impact on the community and contribute to improving social and labour relations?

This initiative illustrates a global problem at the local level, and it establishes synergies between different organisations, with the participation of people from groups that are at a risk of social exclusion. Its business model is oriented by a social mission based on business criteria.


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