13 Oct 2015
Tel Aviv, Israel
Sustainable Housing & Construction

Israeli ecodesign pioneer, Adital Ela created Criaterra materials for the sustainable construction industry. Three years of R&D were needed to develop this innovative technology and meet the necessary standards. What is her aim? To go even further in reducing the impact of construction on the environment by providing composite materials 100% recyclable and completely natural.

During a trip to India, Adital Ela noticed in chai tea stalls a tradition that marked her deeply: people would drink the tea and then throw the used cups on the floor. These clay cups are very thin and would break on the ground and eventually disappear. The earth becomes earth again without leaving a trace.

For this Israeli ecodesign pioneer it was a revelation. A graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, she had been working for many years on the concept of sustainable design at her agency SustainableSense by Design and in the design courses she gives at the Holon Institute of Technology.




Eco-innovative solutions for sustainable construction | The Switchers

She follows a long tradition in the Middle East of building houses from natural materials. Her own grandmother, originally from Iraq, used to make clay ovens. The project Criaterra was inspired by this heritage, a line of objects and materials created from earth and natural fibres.

She launched a line of furniture which was first presented at the Milan Design Fair in 2013. These small pieces are stylish, eco-friendly and robust and at the end of their lifespan they can be disposed of without any impact on the environment. From earth to earth, as though they had never existed.

Today Criaterra develops eco-innovative materials and technologies for the construction industry – a sector dominated by the use of Portland cement, responsible for approximately 6 % of greenhouse gas emissions on our planet. Criaterra therefore offers a real alternative by developing structural composites which are both very strong and environmentally friendly.


Our unique value proposition is the novel combination of deeply sustainable and structurally strong. Adital Ela
Eco-innovative solutions for sustainable construction | The Switchers

Made of earth, natural fibres and minerals – of which 70 % comes from waste produced by the construction and agriculture sectors – these composite materials meet the strict standards of life time zero pollution, and 100% reusability. An eco-innovative process that opens new perspectives in the field of sustainable construction.

Criaterra Green Building Industry
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