21 Mar 2017
Basata, Egypt
Sustainable Tourism

Located in South Sinai, Basata Eco-lodge was built in 1986 and was back then a pioneer. Basata means ‘simplicity’, and far away from the technologies and noises of the city it offers a beautiful sea view. An invitation to go back to roots…

A resort respecting its traditions and its environment

Using natural materials from the region as well as indigenous and biodegradable building materials (like bamboo, clay and natural stones), Basata eco-lodge implicated itself in sustainable development right away.

Avoiding all artificial stuffs (air conditioning, artificial cooling, artificial planting), this resort is a mix between nature and Egyptian traditional architecture.

Merging into the Sinai landscape, there are no television, videogames or cell phones in order to preserve the peace and promote human relationships and contact with nature.

A positive impact of the environment…

Nothing is wasted at Basata eco-lodge. All recyclable materials are picked up by a local NGO and send at recycling plant that were both founded by the owner of Basata. About waste food, it feds animals belonging to the local community.

Because of the lack of electricity in the area, the eco-lodge functions with generators, that are always turned off during the day in order to save energy and preserve the calm of the place. They also replaced light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs.

Lastly, fresh and salted sea water are used at the lodge : fresh water is used in the kitchen and bathroom and salted sea water for washing dishes, flushing the toilets and in construction work. In order to avoid water wasting, wastewater are divided and used in irrigating endemic palm tree plantations or transferred to a phyto epuration system.


The first eco-lodge in Egypt | The Switchers
The first eco-lodge in Egypt | The Switchers


A lot of activities related to nature and local culture

 To create a great and unforgettable experience, Basata eco-lodge offers a lot of activities (boat trip, hiking, campfire, safari or snorkling,…) in order to discover natural and cultural heritage. And to approach the land differently, you can also meet with locals.

Guests are guided by Bedouin guides throughout safaris or hiking.

Basata avoids to offer activities which could be an attempt to nature like beach buggies, diving on the coral reef, for instance.


The first eco-lodge in Egypt | The Switchers
The first eco-lodge in Egypt | The Switchers


You’re a guest… but you also take part in the action !

Guests contribute by their behavior to the preservation of the natural environment while they enjoy their stay.

Based on honor and trust values, Basata lets guests be responsible within its establishment. At their arrival, a piece of paper is given to them where they record items they want to take from the kitchen. Furthermore, recycling bins (glass, plastic, food waste, metal) are set up within the resort, making guests more responsible and aware about waste sorting and recycling.

Basata eco-lodge renews itself and its services continuously, not hesitating to ask guests and people online some new eco-ideas. An inclusive philosophy that could inspire others !


The first eco-lodge in Egypt | The Switchers
The first eco-lodge in Egypt | The Switchers
BASATA Sustainable Tourism
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