11 Feb 2016
Cairo, Egypt
Sustainable Transport

KarTag promotes alternatives to individual car usage with a mobile application launched in Egypt in 2013. By offering carpool solutions between people of the same community, KarTag helps strengthening the social ties among users while reducing CO2 emissions.

Asphyxiated by traffic and its 17 million inhabitants, Cairo has been faced for many years with serious air pollution problems. To help free up the metropolis and fight air contamination, Hayk Hakobyan and his associates had the idea of creating a mobile application providing alternative transport solutions. So KarTag connects users who want to share a car, taxi or even a bus ride.

Launched in 2013, the application has been designed as a community platform. Users can offer trips to their Facebook contacts by setting their own rates and their routes. This characteristic of KarTag helps to build a network of friends of friends, employees from large companies or students from the same University. Indeed, the application is based on a principle of trust and proximity between users.

The sharing economy is a lever for ecological transition by allowing the pooling of goods or services and it is from this principle that KarTag was designed, the application is free for users and facilitates carpooling and thus reduces CO2 emissions. KarTag generates profits by developing customized versions for large companies who wish to facilitate the mobility of their employees.

We offer reliable and sustainable transport solutions to companies, organizations and individuals across the world. Hayk Hakobyan, co-founder of KarTag
The mobile application which finds alternatives to personal car use | The Switchers

Nowadays, the use of mobile applications for transport in big cities is standard in optimizing journeys. KarTag therefore offers other services to facilitate urban mobility, such as real time traffic conditions or booking taxis. Through the application, it is also possible to book a private bus service for individuals or companies – the aim being to offer other alternatives to personal car use.

With an approach based on trust and proximity between users – thanks to Facebook – KarTag offers real innovations in carpooling. Initially launched in Cairo, the application should soon be developed in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) and Asia.

KarTag Carpool solutions
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