15 Feb 2016
Beirut, Lebanon
Sustainable Housing & Construction

Promoting creative and environmentally friendly solutions through a collaborative approach is the philosophy of Hbr creative platform. Pioneer in the Maker movement in Lebanon, the company works as a manufacturing lab that brings together talented young Lebanese design. By rethinking the traditional production models, Hbr creative platform encourages innovation, collaborative economy and sustainable design.

Created in 2014 in Beirut, Hbr creative platform is a company born from the Maker movement – a branch of the Do it Yourself culture, directed towards new technologies. The movement of Makers consists of creative people who make their own products using all kinds of technology and free software.

Hbr creative platform is a genuine fab lab (manufacturing laboratory) providing various tools for making objects such as printers and 3D scanners, which allow designers to quickly move from concept to prototypes. The company is a collaborative place of experimentation for Lebanese makers focused on sustainable design.

Hbr creative platform encourages learning through social settings. The workshops are organized and have an open house on Fridays. At these “Open Fridays”, the company invites participants to innovate and create using recycled materials to fall in line with sustainable lifestyles.

We are not only product designers, we design social innovation services promoting sustainable living and the collaborative economy. Nelly Baz, associate director at Hbr creative platform.
The stronghold of the Lebanese Makers | The Switchers

In fact, research in ecological solutions is inherent to the company’s philosophy. In addition to adhering to the waste reduction project Zero Waste ACT, Hbr creative platform develops sustainable solutions for its customers and encourages the use of environmentally friendly materials. To reduce its environmental footprint, the company employs couriers bike and works with local suppliers.

Hbr creative platform also hosts all the events of the OuiShare community in Lebanon, an international group dedicated to the economy of sharing and co-operation and regularly organises OuiShare Drink Beirut, an event that brings together the talents of the collaborative economy in order to connect new ideas with the initiators of change.

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