27 Mar 2017
Beit Jala, Palestine
Organic Food and Agriculture

Hosh Jasmin (known as “Hosh al-Yasmine” in Arabic) is an organic farm and restaurant set on a hillside in Beit Jala, near Bethlehem, which serves traditional Palestinian food in their home restaurant. The ambience, the food served and the facilities offered in Hosh Jasmin make this a unique place for many people (from the region and worldwide) to exchange experiences and support a sustainable and peaceable lifestyle.

Mazen Saadeh and Aidan Pendleton created this project in 2012 with the aim to produce their own food for self-consumption. Since its beginning, Hosh Jasmin farm has produced many different varieties of vegetables “100 percent organic” including eggplant, tomatoes, green beans, and many other products in order to be as self-sufficient as possible. They also have their own almond and olive trees, which provide all of the delicious olive oil, and fruit trees like fig, apricot and grape. More recently, Hosh Jasmin has also started to produce its own organic wine and arak. Thanks to its employees, seven people from the local community, the restaurant offers to visitors a Palestine’s diverse and wonderful food.

But not everything is good cuisine! Hosh Jasmin also offers hiking, camping, art workshops, volunteering, screening films, music events, and among other activities once per month Hosh Jasmin organizes the Full Moon Night. In addition, this inclusive restaurant provides for free its space for all organisations to arrange their own events.

Hosh Jasmin seeks to inspire an agricultural revolution in the region, by providing a healthy food, and showing the need to take care of the land, the nature and the culture for a better future, but this is not a local dream, in 2016 Mazen Saadeh has started a brother and sister project in Nicaragua, called Hosh Mombacho, with the same objectives.

Our objectives are to sustain the life and offer local employment opportunities, but we also want to offer an artist-friendly space, a place where people feel safe and relax, eat good and healthy food, and enjoy the nature”. Mazen Saadeh, owner of the organic farm and restaurant.
“An Organic Farm-to-Table Cuisine on a hillside near Bethlehem” | The Switchers

Photos by Hosh Jasmin

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Story by Lydia Chaparro

Lydia is a Marine Ecologist with an MA in Biodiversity Conservation. She works with topics linked to fisheries management, marine reserves and responsible seafood consumption. In her spare time, she is also an activist within different NGOs and she has contributed by writing Switchers stories mostly related to marine issues. Find her online @Lydia_ChE

Hosh Jasmin Organic Food and Agriculture
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