28 Oct 2015
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Sustainable Transport

Zicla finds innovative solutions using waste as raw material, creating thus new products, new services and new market opportunities.

Zicla is a company dedicated to the search for innovative solutions in the management of waste. Solutions can translate into process and product innovations, with the overall objective of creating business opportunities while having a positive impact on the environment. Founders established the company before the lack of awareness, knowledge and skills on ecodesign, having identified the huge amount of opportunities in using material usually ending up in the waste stream as raw material.

Zicla has two main lines of business: selling its own designs, as solution to companies, administrations or institutions, and finding solutions on demand for specific problematics identified by the client. Flagship products are related to solving mobility issues and include traffic regulators for cycle tracks made from recycled PVC from electric sheathing and pipes. This product has been granted several ecodesign awards.


Providing innovative solutions from waste | The Switchers

How do we build a better environment?

Zicla is specialised in process and product innovations using as raw material waste. The core principle of the company is to recover the material from the waste flow and feeds it back in the process for the design of new products and services, thus closing the material loop and reducing the impacts of waste management on the environment. Moreover, the company has a very strict policy concerning waste. Most of the office utilities are recyclable and all the waste generated is separated for sound management.

How do we care for our community?

Working conditions allow employees to have a balance between work and personal life, as they work flexible hours, and according to targets.

Providing innovative solutions from waste | The Switchers

How do we create economic value for our employees and community?

Recovering waste for innovative designs and processes gives the waste an economic value feeding it back in the material loop. Moreover, innovative designs often need the involvement and expertise of external staff from different backgrounds, generating extra revenue for this extra help.


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