18 Apr 2016
Hadat, Lebanon
Resource efficiency and sustainable waste management

Shady Sadek, founder of Runwaste, has worked for several years to implant the culture of recycling in Lebanon. After the success of the operation ‘Mister-Tanak‘ dedicated to the recycling of aluminium cans, he created Runwaste, a company specializing in the collection and recycling of solid waste in 2014. His method? Raising awareness for better waste collection.

When the city of Beirut closed the landfill Naame in July 2015, there was a garbage crisis in the Lebanese capital, leading to a complete re-assessment of the management of waste. While civil society was getting its act together for sustainable and more efficient management, many initiatives were emerging in the individual municipalities of Lebanon. Shady Sadek, founder of Runwaste, is a strong promoter of recycling. After starting the aluminium can recycling project Mister-Tanak, he created the Runwaste company in 2014 specializing in the management of solid waste.

Introduced in 2010 the operation Mister Tanak had a dual purpose: first to collect aluminium cans for recycling, but especially to raise awareness of the importance of waste separation among young people. Several compactors imported from France were placed in Universities, schools, hotels and restaurants. The cans are 100% recyclable. In addition to savings in terms of raw materials and energy, it is estimated that the collection of a ton of cans reduces CO2 emissions by 9 tons.

With the creation of Runwaste in 2014, the initial project has grown and the company now collects all kinds of recyclable waste from municipalities and large companies. To encourage its partners Runwaste issues a certificate indicating the CO2 savings compared to the amount of waste collected. But to ensure its growth and meet the growing needs of municipalities, the company now wants to be equipped with bigger pickup trucks and create a waste sorting centre.

In Lebanon, waste recycling is still not fully developed. Yet, while preserving the environment, this sector generates economic opportunities and helps create jobs. Runwaste wishes to participate in the growth of the sector while introducing a fair wage policy for its workers. Eventually, the company also plans to integrate Syrian refugees into its team.

Images : Runwaste

Runwaste Waste collection
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