19 Nov 2015
Ben Arous, Tunisia
Sustainable Transport

First carpool web platform in Tunisia, Karhbetna positions itself as an eco-friendly alternative, affordable and user-friendly compared to traditional transport system. The idea? To connect drivers and passengers to optimize travel by car, or how to share rhymes with less pollution.


Karhbetna, which means “car” in the Tunisian dialect, is a carpool web platform launched in early 2015. Its founder, Wael Mohamed Soltani, is a young computer engineer passionate about social entrepreneurship. It was during a transport strike in Tunisia, two years ago, that he had the idea of developing a carpool platform, a transport solution still to this point untapped in the country. After a thorough study of the environmental impact of carpooling and a social entrepreneurship training in Belgium, he launched his project with the support of Lab’ESS, the Laboratory of Social and Solidarity Economy in Tunisia.

Sharing one’s car to reduce pollution | The Switchers

The Karhbetna.com website connects individuals taking the same route at the same times. Drivers can thus dampen their travel expenses, while passengers access a transport solution that is cheaper, greener, and friendlier. The fare is calculated automatically by the platform based on the fuel price and tolls. This alternative transport system could offer a long-term solution to the problems of pollution and congestion of Tunisian cities, it is, in any case, what its founder hopes:  

According to the National Agency for Energy Management (ANME), the transport sector takes the leading position in terms of petroleum products consumption in Tunisia (46%).
Road transport alone accounts for 82% of consumption in the sector. Carpooling not only reduces the use of fuel, but also city congestion and CO2 emissions.
Mohamed Wael Soltani, CEO of Karhbetna.
Sharing one’s car to reduce pollution | The Switchers

If Tunisian users are sensitive to the issue of saving, they are less likely so regarding ecological problems, according Wael Mohamed Soltani. Through his project, he’s willing to raise awareness of environmental issues, which is why he has launched a newsletter that informs the website users of their environmental contribution through various statistics. A simple and effective way to make people understand the impact of their actions and how everyone can contribute, from their position, to the preservation of the environment.

The commitment of Karhbetna also has an important social dimension. The very concept of carpooling aims to reconnecting people by providing a more user-friendly transport system. Thus, the platform works with major events such as the music festival “Les Dunes Électroniques” or sporting events of the African Champions League. This community-oriented calling does not exclude some current issues, especially security. Thus, Karhbetna offers a “Ladies Only” section for women who want to travel together.  While the community is enlarging a little more every day, a website mobile application should be released soon.



Karhbetna Car Sharing
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