04 Nov 2015
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Sustainable Transport

An on-line platform that exponentially multiplies the possibility of using the same private vehicle by renting cars and vans among private individuals. The immediate result of this service is the reduction and optimisation of vehicle consumption.

A wonderful example of a collaborative economy in search of more sustainable consumption, which has an impact on changing social patterns, such as exclusivity in the use of consumer goods.

How does Social Car contribute to improving the environment?

Renting vehicles among private individuals allows the owners to share those vehicles with other drivers who don’t want to purchase a car, or they can’t, and they only occasionally need a private vehicle.

The Social Car on-line platform allows renting by hours, days, or weeks. Therefore, it has an impact on reducing the total population of vehicles and contributes to a more rational use of private vehicles.

The income thus earned contributes to the possibility that the vehicle owner might acquire another one with better features and a lower environmental impact to replace the old vehicle.

How does Social Car have a financial impact on the community and contribute to improving social and labour relations?

This service promotes the shared use of resources, the creation of a consumption community, and awareness about responsible consumption.

Moreover, Social Car actively collaborates with the Barcelona Actúa Foundation and Civiclub, both involved in increasing the social responsibility of consumers.



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