28 Oct 2015
Florence, Italy
Resource efficiency and sustainable waste management, Sustainable Tourism

The Green Watcher, an innovative startup founded in May, 2015, in Florence (Italy) has developed a web platform which gives companies a tool for measuring their environmental performance and promotion among customers looking for green. Moreover, the platform gives consumers tools for understanding what eco-sustainability means, comparing and choosing according to eco-sustainability criteria regarding thousands of green activities mapped in all the world.

The platform is based on unambiguous, scientific criteria to demonstrate sustainability, which has been developed with the University of Florence and Tuscany Region to reach the goals of European Environmental Action Plan for sustainable production and consumption.

The Green Watcher has also launched an App which rewards eco-friendly customers and helps companies to promote eco-friendly business. For companies, the app is the first, complete proximity marketing and loyalty tool designed for eco-friendly activities: it allows to create and manage “Green Coupons”, (special offers or discounts offered by an eco-assessed company to active users). For customers, it is a real opportunity for saving while choosing to buy from eco-friendly companies in a worldwide network of green businesses.


How does The Green Watcher build a better environment?

The Green Watcher‘s main goal is to involve public and professionals in a unique project to improve environmental sustainability around us, using simple and self service tools. Users share the green with their EcoOpinions. Companies scientifically measure their ecosustainability with EcoAssessment, letting people who are looking for green find them.

Companies can carry out its EcoAssessment, achieving an EcoScore from 1 to 10, based on energy consumption, use of materials and waste management, and emissions linked to the logistics. In this way, the company is made visible on the website, and receives its Certificate of eco-sustainability to be shown to the public as a green activity.

Consumers can use the EcoOpinion tool that allows them to share the visible sustainability of places they go to. It is a tool to promote environmental sustainability among other eco-friendly customers by creating a map of green activities that expands and takes into account information provided by people. The EcoOpinion gives a score, from 0 to 5. It represents the level of eco-sustainability perceived by people, a unique way for companies to understand if their eco-efforts are appreciated by their customers.

How does The Green Watcher care for the community?

The GreenWatcher business is focused on promoting green companies, the local ones as the fast ones: the better we work, the more these companies grow, eventually providing new jobs!

Moreover, The Green Watcher is member of the Stati Generali of Green Economy promoted by the Ministry of Economic Developement and the Ministry of Environment; it features as a suggested web application for Green Economy by Toscana Regional Government; it is an official partner for ecosustainability of MPI Italian Chapter.

The Green Watcher Web platform
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