04 Nov 2015
Tunis, Tunisia
Sustainable Tourism

Dar Zaghouan is an alternative tourism experience in a not-so-visited part of Tunisia, working in synergy with other local stakeholders for ecotourism to benefit to everyone.

Dar Zaghouan is the first eco-B&B in Tunisia, located one-hour-drive away from Tunis. The B&B proposes an ecotourism experience to its guests, as an innovative product in the area of the Zaghouan Mountain, which has been left out of the Tunisian tourism development plans. Guests are proposed activities from climbing and speleology to horse riding and trekking, as well as restauration services for all meals. Dar Zaghouan’s clientele is mostly Tunisian.

How do we build a better environment?

Dar Zaghouan promotes through its ecotourism activities the preservation and conservation of the environment, as the Zaghouan area is the product marketed to the guests. Moreover, Dar Zaghouan uses solar energy in its facilities (solar water heaters), reducing the use of non-renewable energy on the premises. Traditional eco-friendly agricultural techniques are also used in the Dar Zaghouan farms, contributing thus to the protection of local soils.

How do we care for our community?

Dar Zaghouan participates to the conservation of the area cultural heritage in terms of traditional gastronomy. People with a traditional know-how in cooking are invited to work with the B&B to showcase to the guests the region’s gastronomy. As this knowledge is often kept by women, Dar Zaghouan helps thus with the empowerment of women in rural areas.

The first eco B&B in Tunisia | The Switchers
The first eco B&B in Tunisia | The Switchers

How do we create economic value for our employees and community?

Dar Zaghouan has created 15 to 20 direct jobs and over 60 indirect jobs. In an area where most people worked as seasonal workers for the agriculture sector, Dar Zagouan has provided direct and indirect full time jobs, contributing to access to regular wages for men and women of the area.




Dar Zaghouan Ecotourism
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