28 Oct 2015
Amman, Jordan
Sustainable Textiles & Clothing

Nadia Dajani is an ethical jewellery brand which objective is employing women from underprivileged areas to change the reality of Jordan women, a country where women do not have opportunities to work.

The company set up in Amman in 2003, to showcase handmade Jewellery, using silver, copper and gemstones, and made by local women from underprivileged backgrounds, which they train from scratch. Nadia Dajani‘s goal is to tap into the natural talent of the ladies and to empower them in the art of Jewellery making, and to market their work locally and internationally.

How does Nadia Dajani build a better environment?

Nadia Dajani uses only natural materials, and in many cases it uses stones from the same location where it works. Nadia Dajani recycles all the work that it can, and makes its own packaging too. It does not use any elements that harm the environment, and most of its work is using simple hand tools. Moreover, the brand works with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature in their community in Dana as well as Mujb, just north of Petra.


How does Nadia Dajani create economic value for its employees and community?

Nadia Dajani Jewellery is not only a design and fashion house but is also a community project giving back to society on many levels. A strong advocate of Corporate Social Responsibility, its workshop in Amman empowers women by training them in the art of jewellery-making and they now create the most delicate and intricate pieces of jewellery.

The most important achievement of Nadia Dajani is to be the first company in Jordan to be allowed to do the work that it does. Without being an NGO, the company is allowed to provide work to any woman who asks, and it has given many opportunities for women to upgrade their homes and provide better for their children. They are now a good example to them, as this is the first time that women in their societies have worked.


Images by: Nadia Dajani



Nadia Dajani Jewellery
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