04 Nov 2015
Beirut, Lebanon
Organic Food and Agriculture

Souk el Tayeb, a small-scale farmers market laid the foundation for opportunities to sell traditional Lebanese products. The social entrepreneurship initiative, that began as a weekly farmer’s market promoting small-scale farmers, slowly evolved into a bigger organization involved in capacity building and raising awareness.

Founded in 2004 by Kamal Mouzawak as a non-profit social venture, it further expanded through several for-profit extensions. It did, however, keep its core objective of giving fair market opportunities to small-scale traditional and organic products. Profits from the commercial extension fund Souk el Tayeb’s operational expenses and activities. Souk el Tayeb employs 11 staff members on a full-time basis, with a clientele of high environmental awareness.

How do we build a better environment?

Souk el Tayeb provides market opportunities through its weekly market and its restaurants to organic farming products which are grown following environmental protection principles. Farmers that want to display their products on this market have to comply with strict rules and regulations defined by the organizers.

It also gives capacity building and consultancy services to farmers on green and organic practices for agriculture promoting.

Another objective of Souk el Tayeb is to promote traditional and local farming products, helping thus the conservation of local biodiversity by conserving local species. Moreover, the promotion of local products helps fighting climate change, by reducingCO2 emissions.


Souk el Tayeb Organic market
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