28 Oct 2015
Cairo, Egypt
Sustainable Textiles & Clothing

Up-fuse promotes eco-conscious lifestyle by designing and producing bags that love and respect earth and people. Up-fuse products are made of upcycled plastic bags designed and produced in Egypt.

Up-fuse started as a project in 2013, and evolved into a social enterprise. It’s aim is to promote awareness against plastic bags over-consumption, create job opportunities from upcycling techniques promoting the skills and talents of local artisans in Egypt and encourage the use of environmentaliy friendly materials in design, merging the bridge between upcycled products and aesthetics.

A brand that promotes eco-conscious lifestyle by designing and producing upcycled plastic bags | The Switchers
A brand that promotes eco-conscious lifestyle by designing and producing upcycled plastic bags | The Switchers

How does Up-fuse build a better environment?

Up-fuse‘s main aim is to spread awareness towards plastic bags over consumption, which eventually will reflect on decreasing plastic bags solid waste, and at the same time upcycling the plastic bags that have not yet been sent to landfills and the ones that are on their way to be sent to landfills.

Along with that, it makes products that are kind to humans and to earth, as they are made of environmentally friendly, organic, and local made materials.

It’s main aim for 2015 is to upcycle 36,000 plastic bags, and prevent 996,000 plastic bags from being thrown into landfills and provide stable income to 7 underprivileged families.

How does Up-fuse care for its community?

As Up-fuse‘s aim is to encourage local and sustainable production its bags are created and upcycled by local communities. It has already trained 6 women and 5 young men from local NGOs to perform the upcycling process. The bags themselves are finished by local artisans who became less fortunate when the market was taken over by China-made products. Up-fuse remains close to its producers, gets to know them in person, learns from them as they learn from Up-fuse‘s team. Moreover the company producers earn 100% more than they would normally earn in Egypt and therefore support better their family with their income.

Up-fuse Fashion brand
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