28 Oct 2015
Beirut, Lebanon
Resource efficiency and sustainable waste management

 VEA™ promotes long-term sustainability by developing a full range of high-quality products that are made from recycled rubber that would otherwise be buried in landfills or discarded in nature; produced locally by local artists and tailors using domestic materials, and manufactured in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Every year, thousands of tons of rubber tubes from tires are disposed of as waste, only in Lebanon. This material is not degradable and would be energy-intensive to recycle. If burned, it produces highly toxic gases that pollute the environment even further. Reusing this material smartly can have a substantial impact on the environment. VEA™ was born November 2014 from a conscious purpose to contribute in preserving the environment. Bags and accessories made of old tires? Not quite. VEA™ collects old tires’ inner rubber tubes (chambres à air) from bicycles, cars and trucks, and converts them into elegant creations sketched exclusively for VEA™ by professional designers.


How does VEA™ build a better environment?

 VEA™ focus on contributing to preserve the environment and raise awareness for this vital issue through everything they do. This is reflected in every aspect of its operation through minimizing printing as much as possible and using only recycled paper when necessary; using recycled carton packaging for their products; incorporating natural fabrics in their products with minimal use of synthetics; using high quality accessories such as YKK zippers and plastic buckles, as well as bronze and stainless steel handcrafts for its metallic accessories; and focusing their communication strategy on digital and online media, therefore reducing the use of paper waste.

VEA™ is even measuring its social impact by including a counter on its website displaying how many KGs of rubber have been saved since they started operation.

How does VEA™ create economic value for its employees and community?

The social aim of its work is to build and develop awareness about upcycling in the society. Upcycling initiatives like this one will help us leave this planet in a better shape for generations to come. Moreover, all side works done outside its workshop are outsourced to NGOs.

VEA™ aim to lead upcycling initiatives that involve discarded rubber and tires in Lebanon and the region, while remaining committed to preserving the environment because fashion should also be responsible.




VEA™ Fashion brand
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