28 Oct 2015
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Sustainable Tourism

TwentyTú is a friendly eco-hostel in Barcelona in where maximum priority is given to creating a sociable environment. The hostel has been designed as a ‘low-cost’ icon that includes energy efficiency and the use of new technologies as its differentiating elements, taking the Smart City concept into the low-cost hotel sector. The first hostel in the world to get the BIOSPHERE responsible Tourism certification in 2015, has been able to approach, within its business model, the social responsibility to any budget and way of travel.

A friendly eco-hostel in Barcelona | The Switchers
A friendly eco-hostel in Barcelona | The Switchers

How does Twentytú build a better environment?

This hostel is managed from a compressive understanding of environmental responsibility. It uses an acclimatisation system based on a district heating and cooling network, (Districlima); reduces the consumption of energy using Smartwatt devices, and lowering the power supply, as well as reducing water consumption by using greywater, purifying and recovery devices and lighting public areas using fully automated facilities.

An exemplar optimization of energy consumption, complemented with the promotion of clean and common transportation system among its clients.

How does Twentytú care and create economic value for its employees and community?

Fully integrated in its neighbourhood, Twentytú, as well as being a member of of the 22@Network association, it is also an active associate in promoting the Poblenou Urban district platform, which was created to promote the district’s cultural, historical and artistic character, by creating representative routes around it.

The commitment of this accomodation business with the society has inspired the involvement within different networks and partnerships, like Business with value  (integration of disabled workers) or accademical institutions such as BAU SCHOOL of design.


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