Meet The Team!


Daniel Hires // Project Leader // Currently based in Barcelona

Daniel is a marketing and innovation expert working at the intersection of sustainability, startups, and social entrepreneurship. He is passionate about building communities that empower people to take collaborative action on their ideas for a better world. A few examples include: kickstarting MakeSense hotspots in Berlin and Busan (South Korea) to empower citizens to use innovation to take action on social and environmental issues; co-founding the Silent Climate Parade Berlin, Europe’s largest annual climate march; and in 2015, fundraised €1.4 million for a green fintech startup he developed for the environmental non-profit CDP.

Daniel has advised dozens of social enterprises to build support structures for green entrepreneurs in the Southern Mediterranean/MENA region. He frequently travels the world to speak at events, host workshops, coach teams, and moderate panel discussions.

Daniel can be found online at & on Twitter.


Eman El-Sherbiny // Managing Editor // Currently based in Cairo

Some years ago, Eman left the world of Veterinary Science to pursue a career in journalism and hasn’t looked back since. Since then, she has established herself as a freelance editor and finance journalist who focuses on stories of emerging startups, sustainability artisans and the environment. She has worked with major regional and international outlets on matters of politics and economy and has long been a publication strategist. Eman draws, paints and reads an excess number of Margaret Atwood and John Simpson books. She plans to put her skillset to great use with The Switchers to make sure our community is well-set on the sustainability map.

Eman can be found online on Twitter.


Hilary Duff // Storyteller // Currently based in Northern Tanzania

Hilary Duff has long been interested in the idea of solution-based storytelling. Her love of writing and meeting new people led her to a journalism degree where she worked on a number of projects, from helping edit a website encouraging people to be tourists in their own city to coaching communications teams in East Africa and the Middle East as part of her work with a Canadian NGO. She is a believer in community, at hyper-local and global levels, and is quite happy to sit at the intersection of journalism and international development. Hilary loves chatting with Switchers about their interesting and important projects, and is inspired everyday by their work. She is planning to relocate to the Mediterranean region in the next few months.

Hilary can be found online at, or on Instagram & Twitter.


Oumeima Boughanmi // Storyteller, French focus // Currently based in Tunis

As an English Literature graduate, it was only natural for Oumeima’s lifelong passion for words to lead her to writing, translating & interpreting. She is working her way up in the professional world as the proud owner of a communications agency in Tunis where she also continues to work as a freelance interpreter and translator in French & Arabic. She is currently dedicating herself to help green and social entrepreneurs find their voices by telling their stories via The Switchers project.  is planning to relocate to somewhere on the Spanish coasts in the next few months.


Mayya Husseini // Community Manager // Currently based in Barcelona

Mayya is a public health nutritionist turned food sustainability advocate & writer with experience in both the public & private sector. Her passion for campaigning for change brought her to the world of social entrepreneurship where she found her calling of inspiring people to take matters into their own hands and create the change they want to be and see in the world around them. She often finds herself at the heart of these kinds of communities and thoroughly enjoys sharing & spreading this can-do attitude, particularly where food is involved!

Mayya can be found online at, on Facebook & Instagram.



Santiago Fernandez // Volunteer storyteller // Currently based in Barcelona

Santiago is a writer hailing from Montevideo, Uruguay and has been based in Barcelona since 2015. He has a degree in Economics from Uruguay’s Udelar University and recently completed a master in creative writing at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Some of his work has been featured in the Global Forum on Agricultural Research blog. Despite already having a full-time job, he was inspired to join The Switchers project and will be contributing by writing Switchers stories in his spare time.

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