14 Oct 2016
Beit Sahour, Palestine
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Si vous êtes à la recherche d’un voyage de randonnée historique, vous aurez du mal à en trouver un plus de sérieux :  Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil vous permet de suivre les traces d’Abraham – une figure clé de trois des principales religions du monde – et de retracer le voyage qu’il a fait il y a environ 4 000 ans / Cet article est en cours de traduction.

The journey celebrates the cultures, the memories, and the hospitality of the local people, and promotes a message of peace. Stretching from the village of Rummana in Jenin in the North of West Bank to the village of Al-Burj in the Hebron Governorate in the South, the path leads deep into the memory and heritage of the Palestinian people.

Ranked #1 Best New Trail by National Geographic in 2014, it invites you to discover the family life of the villages, the proud ways of the Bedouin, and the age-old traditions of hospitality that lie at the heart of Palestinian life.


The stewardship of this path lies with Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil (MIAK), a non-profit community-based tourism initiative. MIAK works closely with the rural communities in the 52 villages along the 321 km path to protect the fauna and flora, and to cultivate their resources and capacities to create opportunities for a better life. Visitors are invited to hike in the nature of their lands, be exposed to the cultural diversity, be guided through the historical and archaeological sites, experience the taste of the traditional food, and have the privilege of using or overnight in the communities’ accommodation.

To support community-based tourism in these villages, it contributes to the renovation of home-stays and provides training to the individuals, such as e.g. hospitality training, English language training, or sewing and embroidery training. In addition, they support the staff with the promotion, marketing and packaging of their agricultural products.

Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil’s vision is of vibrant Palestinian communities in a sustainable environment for an enticing experience of Palestine’s cultural history.

Un tourisme communautaire sur un sentier de randonnée historique | The Switchers
Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil Heritage Hiking Trail
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