07 Oct 2020

by The Switchers

A new media partnership brings more visibility for the Switchers

If you don’t know Atlas of the Future yet, we invite you to subscribe to their popular Newsletter. They bring you amazing stories from every corner of the world, to give you the uplifting news that you won’t find in traditional media.

Atlas of the Future aims to raise the profiles of the people and projects working to create a better world. It allows you to explore thousands of project and discover global innovations from science and technology to education, energy, agriculture, urbanism and politics.

Thanks to this new media partnership, the stories of our selected Switchers will be available in English, Spanish and Catalan in Atlas of the Future website. With more than 500 million Spanish speakers in the world, this partnership will help your innovations reach the most amount of people around the globe.

The first Switcher to be published in Atlas of the future project is Itinérance, a French association that believes in slow and ethical fashion. It identifies artisan communities, assists with designing a limited release clothing range, and provides access to new markets. In its first two years, ITINÉRANCE has empowered female textile workers in Greece and Tunisia.

You can see their Atlas story here:  https://atlasofthefuture.org/project/itinerance/

Whether on the Switchers platform or Atlas of the future one, come journey through both by topic or by country, as we thrive to inspire the people who believe in a more sustainable future, and supporting green entrepreneurs, leading the way to an truly needed sustainable consumption and production system.