12 May 2020

by The Switchers

“Circular Economy Business Strategies”, a very timely guide

Since the COVID19 pandemic started to spread, we keep hearing about the devastating effects it will have in our health systems and in our economies. But we don’t hear so much about its root causes. The current unsustainable consumption and production system are exhausting our natural resources, and causing such pollution, waste and emissions that unless we change it now, many other crises will follow. 

As grave as the situation is, especially for small businesses such as the Switchers, every crisis offers an opportunity for transformation and change. It’s in the face of challenging situations that we show our capacity to innovate, to adapt and to cooperate. Let’s use our strength and resilience to create a productive system that is adaptive, not dysfunctional with regards to our environment and our societies.

In this article, @SCP/RAC presents useful definitions and a series of business strategies that can lead to alternative, sustainable business models, that will contribute to truly sustainable, just and healthy consumption and production systems.

#TheSwitchers are now more relevant than ever, because they are the ones implementing these strategies, leading the way to that urgently needed sustainable consumption and production system.

We hope this article can be used as a guide for #TheSwitchers to adopt even more sustainable and circular strategies in their businesses, that will help them to be more resilient during this crisis. As for consumers, we hope this article helps them identify the kind of green businesses they need to support, now more than ever.

“Circular Economy Business Strategies”, a very timely guide | The Switchers