21 May 2020

by The Switchers

CIRCUS COMPUTER calls for donations to bridge the digital divide for Moroccan children

Our Casablanca Switcher is launching an emergency program to advance digital learning opportunities for underserved children during confinement.


Did you ever imagine that one day all the schools in the world would close their doors to children, even for a short time? This day has now come because of the global health crisis which is affecting all sectors, including education. A transition to distance learning has become the only option for ensuring educational continuity. However, this transition leaves behind many school children who are eager to learn, but don’t have the necessary digital tools, or adults available to educate them.


In Morocco, Circus computer, an initiative already committed to providing equitable access to education for the most disadvantaged children, now offers a commendable solution to avoid an increase in educational inequalities during these times of distance education.

This initiative has just launched an emergency donation appeal program. This non-profit program is designed to support those who wish to reduce the already very significant digital divide by donating used computers or other types of donations.

Circus, in partnership with distance education experts, will provide beneficiaries with educational computer kits and the technical assistance necessary to move their activities to the digital space and continue to learn.


Circus computer is a Casablanca-based startup that makes use of old computers to help bridge the digital divide in Morocco. This initiative is part of the Switchers community and contributes to accelerating the ecological and social transition in Africa.


Let’s promote equal opportunities to ensure equitable education for these children together.

Find out more information on Circus Computer’s Facebook Page and Switchers story.