23 Sep 2020

by The Switchers

ECODICTA, a revolutionary rental solution as an alternative to throwaway fashion, is crowdfunding through La Bolsa Social.

Fashion is responsible for 20% of the toxins that are discharged into the water and 10% of the carbon dioxide emissions. This makes it the second most polluting industry in the world, after food.

Part of the reason is the implanted fast-fashion model. The massive consumption of short-cycle garments causes an overproduction, with more than 100,000 million garments produced in the world per year. Ecodicta offers an alternative to this wasteful model, allowing you to renew your wardrobe in a sustainable way.


What are the advantages offered by ECODICTA?

  1. This fashion sharing service offers access to very high quality garments, designed and produced in an ethical and sustainable way. This kind of fashion items are more expensive than the ones offered by the usual fast fashion brands, which encourages consumers to buy many different cheap items instead of one durable item. But with this system, consumers can actually access different high quality items for the same price. So it’s not only a more sustainable choice, but also more ethical, since you are supporting local and responsible brands.
  2. ECODICTA also extends the life of items by using eco-friendly dry cleaning and by repairing or upcycling instead of discarding each garment when it’s reaching the end of life.
  3. ECODICTA also offers access to a personal stylist that will help you choose the best clothes according to your needs and preferences.

ECODICTA  is looking for investors

LA BOLSA SOCIAL is an impact investment platform. They allow people to invest in the capital of companies with a positive social impact. All companies have to meet certain requirements of scalability, income generation and competitive advantage (in addition to the social and environmental impact, of course).


Right now, ECODICTA has launched a crowdfunding campaign in this platform. Until the 30th of October, you can invest in the capital of this innovative company that is changing the fashion landscape in Spain. Find out more at their crowdfunding page.


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