31 Mar 2021

by The Switchers

Egyptian green entrepreneur won 75,000 Euro export contract for his innovation

The Switcher ECO Food Dehydrators, with its innovation based on a revised ancient food preservation technique, has been recently selected as partner supplier and consultant in a multinational team, to overcome malnutrition in Mediterranean countries.

ECO Food Dehydrators is a project aiming to reduce crop waste by providing farmers with innovative solar food dehydrators for their products.

Thanks to its high relevance, ECO Food Dehydrators team of experts have been shortlisted in a competition led by the Turkish Middel East Technical University (METU), and financed by EU PRIMA (Partnership for Research and Innovation in Mediterranean Area) program.

The aim of this program is to create a partnership for inclusive, healthy and prosperous Mediterranean societies through valorising the health benefits of the Traditional Mediterranean food products.

ECO Food Dehydrators has been granted 75.000 Euro contract to supply its products to METU, and to transfer know how. According to its founder Ahmed Abdallahthis is a huge opportunity to win additional contracts to export their innovation to other partners from other Mediterranean countries.

“I would like to express my deep thanks to the SwitchMed team, my mentors Peter Nasr, Lamia Afify, and Anna Ibanez. I learned a lot during the green entrepreneurship training program and the incubation. Thank you also for the financial and networking opportunities. A special thanks goes to Roser GasolBernat Mestre and Khalil Ellouze, for the great video that helped me a lot to explain my project in the competition”, conveyed Abadallah gratefully.

Thanks to this contract, the green business is starting to take off. Without any doubt, an extremely well-deserved reward for those who persevere like him.

You can watch their video below.