22 Jun 2020

by The Switchers

Egyptian Switcher Union for Agricultural Development has developed an organic pesticide that safely protects crops

With the intensive use of broad-spectrum pesticides over the last 40 years, many pests have developed pesticide resistance. This is threatening food security by transforming secondary pests into primary pests that are difficult to control, leading to a decrease in the productivity of crops. Moreover, it has a negative effect on beneficial insect pollinators such as honeybees, which can lead to a 30% decrease in per-acre productivity. Finally, many chemicals used in pesticides are considered probable causes of serious diseases in humans like cancer.

Luckily, we are discovering new natural alternatives that are not only healthier but also more effective.

Union for Agricultural Development Co., located in Giza, Egypt, already surprised us some years ago with their organic fertilizer based on Vermicompost, and now, after 27 months of experimentation, they are doing it again. In cooperation with Dr. Mohamed Youseif, they have produced an organic pesticide to fight insect and fungal diseases. Using optimal organic formulations consisting of a harmonious combination of plant extracts and natural oils, this product combats insect pests and fungal diseases and keeps food produce 100% safe and healthy for humans and for the environment, unlike chemical pesticides.

All compounds come from plant extracts from wild plants. The scientific research process has shown that this is effective even with changes in environmental conditions. It has also shown an ability to promote natural hormones within the plant, leading to a natural increase in the rooting of vegetables and fruits.

There are six products available:

  • Bio Green to control Larvae and Adults of Beetles like Red Palm Weevi, Scarabs, Rigs, Powdery Mildew
  • Bio Safe to control Larvae of Insect Pests like Tuta Absoluta, cotton Leafworm, Tunel Maker
  • Bio Control to control sucking insect pests like Aphids, Leafhoppers, Jassids, Thrips, Whitefly, Beetles, Mites
  • Bio Roots to control all type of Root Rot and Blight .
  • Bio Pest to control scale insects and snails.
  • Bac Nema to control all types of Nematodes

Union for Agricultural Development is looking for distributors and is open to any type of cooperation worldwide. For more information, please contact Ahmed Salem at ahmed.salem(at)union-agricultural.com, check their website and their story at the Switchers Community.