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The Switchers Sustainable Travel and Consumption Guides

Looking for a unforgettable trip with a positive social and environmental impact? The Switchers help you customise an authentic travel and shopping experience, with their Sustainable Travel and Consumption Guides through eight Mediterranean countries. You will find eco-friendly recommendations on What to Bring Home, What to Do/Visit, Where and What to Eat.

The guides are mobile-friendly and include precise Google Maps locations.

Discover great ecofriendly accommodation options, exciting off-the-radar attractions and the tasty Algerian cuisine

Egypt is as rich in gastronomy as it is in culture and history, find our Switchers’ top tips on what to eat and where.

Several Switchers are tackling Israel’s environmental threats at a grassroots level. From sustainable textiles to biogas.

Discover Jordan’s impressive array of ecolodges and camps. Find out Switchers’ top tips on what to do when visiting.

Check out our Switchers’ recommandations on what to do, what to eat and where to find one-of-a-kind sustainable and fair souvenirs.

Discover our four-day itinerary focused around Marrakech, as well as more out-of-the-way places to stay if you have more time.

This catalogue showcases the grassroots efforts of our Palestinian Switchers to drive positive environmental change in their communities.

Sustainable entrepreneurs offer you lodgings to explore Tunisia’s varied attractions, from the pulsating city to the remote desert.

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