25 Jul 2017
Gabès, Tunisia
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Progress in renewable energy is now a predominant theme. Clean energy programs such as wind, solar, and energy efficiency programs continue to grow and expand. According to a report on renewable energy in Tunisia, the country ranks late in fossil fuel resources but is leading in renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal, etc).

Founded in 2013, Green Power Service (GPS), a distribution, installation and consulting company, is leading the way in providing renewable energy solutions, while laying the sustainability foundations for the future.

The company is led by its Technical Director Ghassen Saadaoui who believed in his desire to respond as best as possible to the expectations of individuals and industrialists in the field of renewable energy.

To this end, he crafted a well-organised team of technicians and workers in the field of photovoltaics and other renewable energy resources. GPS represents companies that share the same commitment to innovation and excellence in creating reliable, competitively-priced solutions. It is comprised of highly experienced renewable energy and engineering professionals dedicated to providing solutions based on high standards of performance and solid economic value. 

Effective products and reliable services:

According to a 2011 Renewable Energy World article, Tunisia can boast irradiation rates of around 1,700-2,200 kilowatt per square meter per year.

GPS’ leaders take full advantage of this fact to build a wide range of sustainable energy products such as photovoltaics, solar water heaters, and solar pumps. Such products serve as green alternatives to the widely used fuel including oil and gas. The company has many years of solar experience and a strong expertise in selecting reliable components and designing photovoltaic systems.

Services covered by GPS cover residential solutions, business solutions, industrial solutions, off-grid solutions, and solar pumping. The off-grid solutions offer the option of benefiting from the electricity, thanks to an autonomous photovoltaic system. GPS also dedicates an entire subsidiary, called GPC-SUD, based in southern Tunisia like in Gabès governorate as a service for home improvement.

GPS believes that Tunisia can readily continue this rapid expansion of renewable energy by utilizing existing technologies and investing in improvements to its electricity system.


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Photos: Courtesy of GPS

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