27 Apr 2020
Calella, Spain
Sustainable Food and Agriculture

El Peix Grillat is a restaurant located in Calella, north of Barcelona, which in addition to being engaged in the catering sector, organizes many activities aimed at sharing their knowledge about small scale artisanal fishing, the marine environment and to promote responsible and sustainable consumption of local fish among citizens.

Peix Grillat is a family restaurant that opened in 2015 with the idea of offering quality food and promoting the responsible consumption of fish and serving products caught by fishing gear that respect the marine environment as much as possible. In addition, the restaurant offers a very varied menu of gluten-free products. But the promoter of this project, Ramón Tarridas, is not exactly a common chef, his experience is based on more than 30 years of work as an artisan fisherman. A passionate but particularly hard job that goes through difficult times, reasons that have led him to get out of the sea for a while, but not very far.

"Because of the great diversity of the Mediterranean, as well as the existing overfishing of the most popular fish species, at El Peix Grillat we are committed to making our clients aware of the lesser known species of our coastline caught by artisanal fishing, with the intention of reducing the pressure on the more consumed fish species."Ramón Tarridas, founder of El Peix Grillat.
A family restaurant encourages responsible consumption | The Switchers

Currently the restaurant has eight workers and, in addition to the catering services, its activity is also focused on the valorisation of the artisanal fishing, a productive sector little known by most of the citizens. A fact that needs to be corrected since, well managed, small-scale fishing is the most sustainable fishing method that respects the marine environment.

"We offer high quality products and we show our customers that fish consumption is not necessarily expensive. The great diversity of commercial species (120 species in our case) helps us to raise awareness and knowledge of the culinary, cultural and maritime heritage of our coast. A heritage that has unfortunately gradually disappeared in recent decades and that we must recover". Ramón Tarridas, founder of El Peix Grillat.

In the long term, El Peix Grillat intends to continue working on restoration and show that healthy and responsible eating is possible. To this end, this family restaurant, with long experience at sea and a great passion for cooking, will continue to carry out awareness campaigns to motivate responsible consumption and increase knowledge of the maritime heritage and fishing of the Catalan and Mediterranean coast in general.


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