26 Feb 2020
Hached, Tunisia
Sustainable Tourism

Created in 2014, the Des Aventuriers Siliana association works in the promotion and development of north-west Tunisia’s Siliana region. It develops economic and sustainable alternatives in the field of ecotourism and aims to improve the living conditions of the local population. The association sets up workshops to teach young people the knowledge and appropriation of their heritage, be it cultural or natural.

Activities in the heart of nature

Crossed by two mountain ranges, the Siliana region is known for its landscapes and historical heritage. Les Aventuriers Siliana offers ecotourism tours and various sports activities that allow visitors to discover the region in the midst of nature. Hiking, climbing and caving are all on the program, especially in the mountain of Djebel Essarej.

A helping hand for the youth…

Involved in the community, Les Aventuriers Siliana are particularly invested in the youth. The association has set up clubs in several schools located in rural areas to raise awareness among young people and help them take ownership of their natural heritage through sport (environment club for primary schools, mountain sports club for boarding schools and colleges).

The association also participates in the training of these young people, sharing its knowledge and providing them with the necessary tools to enter the job market. Thanks to this initiative, six young people have been trained as nature guides.

… and support for women

Crafts is the essence of Tunisian cultural heritage. Since its inception, the association supports this activity by building the capacity of 40 women through training: thus promoting their financial independence and improving their production techniques.

In order to strengthen and enhance the know-how of women in the region, the brand WACHMA SILIANA was created. Grouping under the same name all the products manufactured by these groups, this organisation has enabled the women to earn an income from the sale of their products.

A locally based association in Tunisia specializes in ecotourism. | The Switchers

For a local and sustainable approach

Working on a local scale and in a wide range of sectors, the Aventuriers Siliana promotes human and local products. Aiming to implement a responsible approach, the association promotes local and organic raw materials in the preparation of traditional dishes, the use of natural wool for carpet weaving and also proposes the recycling of wooden pallets into beds to furnish guest houses. The association wishes to help the local population and make them discover another facet of Tunisia!

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Images:  The Siliana Adventurers

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