18 Jan 2019
Koura, Lebanon
Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Waste Management

There was an issue plaguing Koura in northern Lebanon and that is the lack of clean, portable water for its residents and refugees. At the time, Mohamad  Fakhreddine and colleagues were taking a design class at the University of Balamand when they had an idea of how to make clean water accessible but were undecided on whether to work on a portable or a filtration device.

“We decided then to go with the portable device. Since then we’ve been working on developing and improving the device with the help of the university, by using its labs and equipment,” Fakhreddine says.

This is when he founded Clean2O. “Clean2O is a portable device that can kill bacteria and viruses, remove dirt and chemical toxins in an easy way making it affordable for the people in need,” he says.

When it comes to Clean2O base and customer segments, they target NGOs to supply to refugees, hikers and campers. “Clean2O combines both physical and chemical filtration techniques in order to reduce in cost, and provide the quality of water that is needed,” Fakhreddine notes.

Clean2O can also provide 500 liter of water at a price of only $8. They are also working on making a liter of water cost $0.016.

“We operate from the city of Tripoli in the northern region of Lebanon, and in Koura,” Fakhreddine adds. “Currently we’ve participated in several competitions and programs that have supported us both financially and technically in developing and improving our startup. We are currently looking for investors and partnerships with NGOs,” Fakhreddine says.

The company raises awareness by conducting workshops about the water situation in Lebanon, and they also work with school students to spread the word in their communities about Clean2O, which is how the company became somewhat known in the northern region of Lebanon.


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Clean2O Resource efficiency & sustainable waste management