29 Nov 2020
Antelias, Lebanon
Sustainable Tourism

Authenticity, sharing, discovery and respect, these are the key words that could describe the trips off the beaten track proposed by the Incoming Tour Operator TLB Destination. Based in Lebanon, this tour operator offers responsible tourism in the Middle East by actively participating in sustainable development projects.

Discovering the Middle East

Discover the remains of Petra in Jordan with your family? Spend a night in the dunes of Oman ? Meet the locals by yourself in Lebanon ? Here is, among others, what this tour operator offers. To better guide and help discover the richness of these countries, local guides are at the side of the travelers.

A special attention paid to environmental and heritage preservation

Travelling is good, acting is better! TLB Destination sensitizes its customers as well as its local guides and suppliers to the protection of the environment, biodiversity but also to the preservation of the rural heritage which is under threat, notably through national activities.

Through these approaches, TLB Destination encourages its clients during the tours to adopt a responsible behavior.

More than a tour operator, a support to the local population

In addition to tourist tours, TLB Destination contributes to development initiatives in Lebanon.  First of all, in training, with the CIFA (Center for Insertion through Training and Activity) founded by TLB Desination, in collaboration with the French association “SapAEF94”. The goal of this organization is to help local populations and people in difficulty through training that promotes access to employment. This organization works mainly in rural areas.

Training in mountain tourism in Lebanon, thanks to the “Mountains and Deserts” program, develops the Lebanese mountains in a sustainable way and creates employment.

A Tour Operator pioneering sustainable tourism in Lebanon | The Switchers
A Tour Operator pioneering sustainable tourism in Lebanon | The Switchers

A foundation dedicated to specific travelers

This tour operator also founded CYCLAMEN whose initiative is to promote educational tourism for school groups as well as family tourism, agrotourism and responsible tourism trips.

Finally, TLB Destination has created UNCPA, the National Union of Outdoor Centers, whose aim is to enable young Lebanese to practice certain sports and learn the values related to them.

TLB Destination’s philosophy is to reinvest its profits in sustainable development projects for the benefit of the local population and the preservation of heritage. Sustainable tourism in Lebanon has a bright future…

TLB Destination Sustainable Tourism