28 Oct 2015
Beirut, Lebanon
Sustainable Textiles & Clothing

We often consider the environmental impact of car emissions, but overlook the negative effects that can be caused by components such as old rubber tires. In any one year, approximately one billion tires are generated, joining the four billion tires currently sitting in landfills worldwide. That is a lot of space — and a lot of waste.

An idea born in November 2014, VEA is a project that directly addresses this tire waste, designing a full range of purses, wallets, and other accessories using recycled inner rubber tubes from motorcycles, bikes, cars, and trucks. All the designs are created in collaboration between Lebanese designers and the Société Saint Vincent de Paul – Liban. There is even a line that has been designed by Paula Yacoubian, a prominent media personality within Lebanon.

Reusing rubber tires:

Reusing old rubber is the only effective way to deal with end-of-life tires. If burned, the rubber produces highly toxic gases that pollute the environment further. Upcycling the material, on the other hand, reduces the impact the old tires will have on the Earth.

The resulting products are surprisingly elegant. While utilitarian rubber tires are the workhorses of any vehicle, VEA’s accessories are stylish and sleek, uprooting a belief that waste cannot be converted to fashion. Natural fabrics are incorporated alongside the upcycled rubber, and high quality bronze and stainless steel form the foundation of metallic accessories. Items are marketed online, reducing the need for paper-based advertising. Finally, purchased VEA items are shipped across the country and around the world using recycled carton packaging.

“Fashion moving towards sustainability is a social challenge that entails evolving local and individual lifestyles, and ethical consumerism,” says Patrick El Zoghbi, VEA’s founder and general manager. “Our slogan is ‘fashionably responsible.’”


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