03 May 2017
Rabat, Morocco
Sustainable Construction

The idea of living in an eco-friendly, sustainable and self sufficient building captivated Mustapha Bahraoui and Younes Ouazri, two young engineers specializing in hydraulics and civil engineering.

Driven by their passion for architecture, and inspired by the basic design of the American-Iranian architect Nader Khalili and the rich Moroccan heritage, the two devoted artists launched their start-up specializing in providing construction services and designing and building eco-houses in 2016. The initiative was named Eco-dôme.


Aesthetic domes go green and inhabitable in Morocco | The Switchers

The nascent startup is pushing boundaries in sustainable housing and construction in Morocco. It is an enterprise that designs and builds three-dimensional ecological houses in shapes of domes made mainly with compacted soil and ecological materials. A four-room eco-dôme is 72 square meters, with electricity, running water, sanitation and electrical installations included, that are energy-efficient and sustainable such as photovoltaics (PV) installations.

How Eco-dôme works:

In order to provide a building with an infrastructure that adapts naturally to weather conditions, Eco-dôme designs houses in harmony with nature, while maximizing the comfort of its inhabitants. The round shape of the building is a self-stabilizing mechanism, which makes it resistant to natural disasters such as cyclones, floods, and earthquakes. In addition, the dome shape provides both sound and heat insulation for its occupants, allowing the rooms to stay cool during those hot summer days and remain warm during winter.

Eco-dôme is constantly developing new technologies to complement its practices in creating greener structures while integrating green construction methods with design and construction. This dedication resulted in a drop in carbon dioxide emissions of up to 64% throughout the entire building process.


In fact, when talking about a sustainable design, green, environmental designs should also be discussed. Eco-dôme is pushing the boundaries in sustainable housing construction by bringing together quality and comfort, without neglecting their impact on the environment by keeping it to a minimum.

The company uses local raw materials such as natural clay made from locally burned limestone and natural plasters from the area, that creates a flawless surface and waterproofs all buildings. Wood and bamboo are also employed in their construction of domes. They are treated in salt water to protect the buildings from insects that feed on wood. Also, salt water will prevent the company from having to use pesticides or other harsh chemicals.

In addition, these eco-friendly buildings are also cheap enough to be a sustainable housing alternative. Eco-dôme’s natural building method is almost half as expensive as traditional building methods, while the construction process is twice as fast.


Aesthetic domes go green and inhabitable in Morocco | The Switchers

Currently, the company is building a house in Sidi Allal El Bahraoui that fits a family of five and a cultural center covering an area of 250 square meters in Marrakech for students in the Agouim region. Through this project, Eco-dôme offers an escape for children of the region.
After only a few months of its birth, Eco-dôme began receiving its first orders via its Facebook page, introducing Moroccans to more sustainable practices.

Resource efficiency and waste management have proved feasible and highly practical, yet, It takes a village to raise the ceiling of ecological quality.


Web: http://ecodomemaroc.com/

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/ecodome.maroc/?_rdc=1&_rdr

Photos: Courtesy of Eco-dome

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