03 Jan 2017
Cairo, Egypt
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Securing energy access for all is one of Egypt’s greatest challenges. Founded by Yasser Elshazly in 2008, Complete Energy Solutions (CES) champions offering affordable solutions to Egypt’s energy crisis.

Egypt has relied on oil and gas to meet energy needs. In recent years fuel shortages combined with rising electricity costs and growing demand for energy have brought the country to the brink of a crisis.

Elshazly first formed CES in partnership with a German solar energy company to facilitate the exchange of skills, knowledge, and resources between German and Egyptian engineers.

Now operating in Egypt, Jordan, and the UAE, Complete Energy Solutions has become a major player in solar energy throughout the Middle East.


CES has designed and built several projects to bring solar energy to remote villages, where around 50% of families live in poverty. These rural communities are not connected to the country’s electricity grid. They have relied solely on diesel generators for electricity and have experienced power cuts during diesel fuel shortages. With the price of diesel fuel doubling in the recent years, solar energy provides significant savings for families, businesses, and farms.

CES has also installed solar hybrid systems for 3,441 homes in the rural communities of Sohag in Upper Egypt, Marsa Matrouh along the Northern Coast, and North and South Sinai.  By reducing diesel fuel consumption, these families are able to immediately cut their energy costs in half and save money for food, education, and health services.

Along with that, CES designed and built Egypt’s first large-scale solar plants in the Siwa oasis, and several remote Red Sea communities.

Recently CES started working on the first large-scale, grid-connected solar plant for agricultural farms near Egypt’s Toshka lakes. With over half of Egypt’s population employed in the agricultural sector, renewable energy will help farms become more productive and profitable.

The affordable solution to Egypt’s energy crisis | The Switchers

Many local engineers and community members also benefit from being employed in the construction and installation of these large-scale renewable energy projects. The income they earn and the new training they receive in solar energy opens up new careers and business opportunities.

As Egypt’s energy crisis continues, more investment in renewable energy will need to be mobilized to achieve this vision of equitable energy access. Complete Energy Solutions hopes to be part of this movement, creating a more sustainable future by spreading solar energy throughout the country.

“We help governments, businesses, and communities play their part in utilizing infinite,green, and eco-friendly sources of energy instead of finite and polluting fossil fuels”
The affordable solution to Egypt’s energy crisis | The Switchers
Complete Energy Solutions Solar energy in MENA