09 Jun 2016
Beirut, Lebanon
Sustainable Mobility

Ecological and sturdy, the Innovative Hybrid Bike is an air-powered bicycle which can be pedaled without difficulty, even in areas where the terrain is hilly. More economical than the electric bike, it is a sustainable means of transport that is accessible to all.

In some areas of the Mediterranean, the rugged topography makes it challenging to use bikes. It is from this observation that engineer Emilio Sassine and technical consultant Elie Najem designed a pneumatic pedal-assisted bicycle to facilitate cycling. Currently in the prototype phase, this innovative system allows pedaling without great effort with a very low impact on the environment.

Named “Innovative Hybrid Bike”, the bicycle is powered by an air motor with a compressed air tank, similar to a scuba tank. It is rechargeable commercially in 2-3 minutes or 30 minutes with a home compressor, which is a big advantage over the electric bike, with a charging time of usually 3 to 6 hours.

It is estimated that lithium batteries electric bikes have a lifespan of 3 years of daily use. The batteries must be recycled properly because they contain chemicals and pollutants while air-assisted bicycles have a very long lifespan of up to 20 years. Furthermore, the pneumatic motor and tank require no maintenance.

Providing assistance when needed, the Innovative Hybrid Bike broadens the number of users and encourages the use of bicycles as an environmentally friendly means of transport. Its low purchase cost and ease of maintenance makes it a means of transport particularly well suited to Lebanon, home country of Emilio Sassine. If the topographic conditions can be a barrier to bicycle use, this system offers a high-performance, economical and ecological solution.

Innovative Hybrid Bike Air-powered bicycle