24 Feb 2016
Tebourba, Tunisia
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Waste Management

Chanouf Farm-Biofire is a farm that grows pears and olives in Tunisia. To diversify its sources of income, the company has created an agro-forestry waste recycling unit. By promoting biomass waste, it manufactures fuel briquettes; an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of firewood, one of the major contributors to deforestation.

Located in the area of Manouba, north of Tunisia, Chanouf Farm-Biofire is an agricultural enterprise dedicated to the production of pears and olives since 1995. In 2015, the company launched an agro-forestry waste recycling unit. The use of these biomass resources allows it to produce wood briquettes, charcoal, and pine tar.

The briquettes are made from agro-forestry waste. Their production is based upon exploiting abundant organic material, biomass, found in wood, bark, straw, etc. As a renewable energy source, biomass is harnessed through a combustion process. The Chanouf Farm-Biofire, therefore, produces high-performance, ecological, and cheap fuel briquettes.

From wood briquettes, the Chanouf Farm-Biofire also produces charcoal after a carbonization process. Cheaper than gas, charcoal is still used in African countries for cooking. In this case, the wood combustion has a neutral balance sheet in terms of CO2 emissions, where the wood is used as a renewable energy.

The company also manufactures wood tar from all natural pine. It is a viscous, dark brown liquid which serves in particular to tree-healing and wood maintenance. This product is widely used in Scandinavia, where it is used for centuries to protect houses and other wooden structures.

This recycling project has allowed Chanouf Farm to expand its sources of income in an agricultural sector that is subject to multiple challenges. In addition, it ensures the ongoing of the activity outside the harvesting seasons. Thus, the company was able to hire ten new employees since establishing its recycling unit and plans to double the number to meet growing demand.

Ferme Chanouf, Ferme Chanouf-Biofire Production of biomass briquettes