10 Dec 2018
Constantine, Algeria
Organic cosmetics & cleaning products,

Making cosmetics out of natural products was never a new practice in Algeria, but modern times dictate the prevalence of commercial cosmetics. Ammar Khennoui sought after this opportunity in an open market. Aware of the importance of this sector in achieving economic development, he decided to invest in this project, which specializes in date residues (date kernel) through his project, Nawat Cost.

“After several years of effort and several studies of dates’ nuclei, I turned to build a project because of the great benefits in terms of economic feasibility and the benefits to human health,” Khennoui says. He then turned to study the cosmetics sector because of its importance and acceleration.

“We have developed a very advanced method of extracting date kernel oil, that is the first in the world which gives us 10% pure crude oil from the date kernel when employing it in the industry,” he notes.

Khennoui adds that beauty products with the crude oil, for example, proved to be effective for hair and skin, which is confirmed through field experiments and laboratory tests of the unique qualities of this oil.

“We have set up the project in Algeria five years ago as an experiment for a small project, and I was later encouraged by the results obtained in the field and the great customer and dealer turnout,” he explains.

Following the increasing demand, Khennoui saw that it is time to develop the product according to international standards. The result was that he continued to research and invest in introducing new technology to extract this oil.

He managed to build a competitive advantage globally in terms of raw materials, technology, utilization of waste, and affordability.

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Nawat Cost Organic cosmetics & cleaning products