20 Mar 2017
Beit Sahour, Palestine
Sustainable Tourism

Away from mass tourism, ATG (Alternative Tourism Group) is specialized in tours and pilgrimages around Palestine, promoting the Palestinian’s heritage by an alternative tourism. Besides, this NGO gets involved in different projects and builds partnerships in order to push forward a responsible tourism in Palestine.

An alternative way to discover the Holy Land            

Hiking through archaeological and holy sites along the Abraham Path, meeting religion’s wealth through the Nativity trail, tasting Palestinian’s gastronomy through a culinary tour or discovering lifestyle in a Palestinian family’s homestay… Here are some activities that ATG offers, allowing the travelers to discover another side of Palestine and develop a better understanding of the history and culture of this land.

For a better understanding of Palestine through tourism | The Switchers

People first

People are probably one of the most important thing for ATG and it is through interaction with local people that it wants to highlight Palestinian heritage.

By a positive cultural exchange, travelers are brought to meet and exchange on tours with people from different religions, allowing them to understand the area more.

Also, travelers are led by local guides on tours: a better way to discuss, exchange and get testimonies of the Palestinian lifestyle.

To support Palestinian farming and preserve the old olive trees from destruction, ATG launched an Olive Planting Program, in collaboration with JAI (Joint Advocacy Initiative). For 10 days, a stay is offered to volunteers who help the farmers to harvest olives and plant olive trees while discovering the local culture.


Sharing and bringing people together

ATG established a study center where it produces some articles and publications that are shared on their website. Also, it wrote a guidebook available in 7 languages: “Palestine & Palestinians”. It is the first and only Palestinian comprehensive guidebook on Palestine.

These approaches allow to promote Palestine but also to know all aspects of this state (politics, tourism, social, religions…).

ATG builds partnerships in order to get a support in Palestinian tourism development but not only. In collaboration with NGOs and local people, these sessions of mutual exchange allow everyone to have a vision for Palestinian tourism and to install tourism as a tool for peace in Palestine and Middle East.

This is an initiative which breaks down Palestinian’s prejudices and shows what the land can offer to the rest of the world.

ATG (Alternative Tourism Group) Sustainable Tourism