22 Oct 2020
Valencia, Spain
Sustainable Food and Agriculture

A small family business has hit the big time with Agro2Agri, a Spanish manufacturer specialising in biostimulants for agriculture. In 1996, Agro2Agri began producing natural products aimed at boosting farming crops sustainably. Agro2Agri’s biostimulants harness the power of amino acids held within plants, which can help crops to become more productive while avoiding environmentally harmful chemicals.

Since then, Agro2Agri has formally allied with the Ajinomoto Group, a Japanese conglomerate that distributes biostimulant products worldwide. This global partnership has brought Agro2Agri’s range of products from Valencia to many countries across Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. “As entrepreneurs, we want to help [primary] producers to develop increasingly productive, higher quality, and more sustainable agriculture.”

With almost 25 years of experience in biostimulants, Agro2Agri enjoyed a significant head start on what has become a growth industry. The use of biostimulants has exploded in the past decade, as farmers seek ways to cultivate more productive crops, while also conserving the soil in which those crops grow.

The biostimulants sector has not been without controversy. Some farmers and academics express scepticism about the effectiveness of biostimulants, arguing that they may need specific conditions to increase productivity. According to Hernandez, Agro2Agri’s products are proven to enhance plants’ nutrition efficiency, abiotic stress tolerance, and crop quality traits.

Operationally, Agro2Agri provides a full-service platform for its customers: agricultural distributorships. The business’ core activity is to manufacture and provide biostimulant products to each country’s exclusive distributor. In addition, the company has a customer support platform for any technical or commercial questions from distributors (or growers themselves). 

In this way, Agro2Agri does not only spread its products throughout the world; it also helps its client base to understand the emerging field of agricultural biostimulants.

Agro2Agri proudly adheres to high standards of environmental sustainability throughout its business practices. On top of producing all-natural biostimulants, the company offers an “eco range,” which is suitable for use in organic-certified crops. 

Each year, the company also completes an environmental report for the Ajinomoto Group. This monitoring tool covers key indicators relating to the business’ performance in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water, and eliminating the use of plastic.

Despite Agro2Agri’s impressive expansion, Hernandez nominates entering even more countries and markets as a key challenge for his team. He also places huge importance on Agro2Agri’s role in helping developing countries to obtain greater amounts of food through using biostimulants.

These social and environmental outcomes underpin Hernandez’s confidence in biostimulants as a force for change, in a world beset by food security and environmental obstacles. “Agriculture in the near future can only be understood with products such as biostimulants, which are soil friendly, environmentally friendly, and allow maximum crop yields,” he said.


Learn more about Agro2Agri through the website and Facebook.

Photos courtesy of Agro2Agri

Cropping up: Spanish company produces biostimulants to boost sustainable agriculture | The Switchers
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Cropping up: Spanish company produces biostimulants to boost sustainable agriculture | The Switchers
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