29 Nov 2020
Tabarka, Tunisia
Sustainable Tourism

This young Tunisian association was created in 2015, in the mountainous region of Kroumirie. It offers visitors the opportunity to discover a natural and cultural heritage different from the rest of the country and to meet the inhabitants of the forests with their very special know-how. Through its actions, the AIHF hopes to give new life to this isolated area.

Creator of social bonds

The association was created to connect local communities and visitors, but also to bring together populations, local institutions and the private sector around a common project. In this region, the population in the forest areas is isolated, it does not benefit from the repercussions of tourism and is increasingly keen to reach Tunisian towns to find work. For the AIHF, the emergence of tourism enables the population to foresee a future in their land and revitalise their territory.

A tour punctuated by meetings

The AIHF highlights the cultural and natural heritage of this region and has designed a hiking trail through the forest to enable visitors to meet the people and their know-how: pottery, wood crafts, the use of essential oils of regional plants … Visitors discover a different facet of Tunisia, local communities feel put forward, their know-how endures and their resources are valued. Thanks to its actions, AIHF won the “Local Impact” prize at the 2015 Jamaity Awards!

Training inhabitants for sustainable income

AIHF organizes training for the local population on hygiene and the reception of visitors so that they can welcome them in the best possible conditions and allow the project to continue. In this way, AIHF hopes to diversify sources of income and contribute to sustainable employment in this region.

Natural resources: a driving force for development

Through the production of forest products and their derivatives, natural resources are a lever for development. AIHF raises public awareness of their protection by teaching them how to use these resources properly without damaging them in order to envisage their activity in a sustainable manner.

The association has carried out a survey in the Elbassatine housing estate in Tabarka among 80 families to analyse their behaviour with regard to the environment and their expectations concerning the development of their estate. It is by seeing a strong demand from the inhabitants that AIHF proposed to the municipality the creation of a green space. This project is currently under discussion.

Heads full of ideas! 

Even though they are constantly hampered by a lack of funding, AIHF’s 13 volunteers are constantly thinking of new projects to change the world on their own scale. They soon hope to set up training courses for women on the respectful use of raw materials for the distillation process, create a social and solidarity economy and a label promoting the essential oils of the region. They are also preparing a project with the Labo de l’Economie Social et Solidaire to supply all public lighting in the region with solar energy!

Bringing forest dwellers and visitors together to bring a landlocked area to life | The Switchers
"We want to give the image of an ecological and unique pole of the Kroumirie region". Adel SELMI, President of AIHF
Bringing forest dwellers and visitors together to bring a landlocked area to life | The Switchers
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