16 Jan 2017
Fatri, Lebanon
Organic Food and Agriculture

The fertile valley of Adonis, fed by the Ibrahim River (Nahr Ibrahim) is home to some of Lebanon’s richest land resources.

Such an extremely rich spot has drawn the attention of a regional entrepreneur with a green mindset.


Inspired by its exceptional geographic location, Adonis valley is an organic products line established in 2005 in the Valley of Adonis. However, it is not new to the organic field as it have been active since 1998 and was the first to introduce organic growth in Lebanon, making it the pioneer in founding and promoting the organic market in the country.

Adonis Valley believes that local food heritage and taking advantage of local resources are important tools for economic development in the Fatri village.

Being a socio-environmental business, this rising organic line is aiming to increase consumers awareness and demand for healthy home-cooked local products, it also strives to be a pioneer in the conservation of Lebanon’s collective memory and indigenous knowledge not only through the preservation of the Lebanese traditional food heritage, but also by protecting the environment through sustainable agricultural means of production.

"Adopting a socio-environmental business model at AV was neither a choice nor a switch; it is our identity."Fady DAW, Founder of Adonis Valley
Do you care about what you bring to your table? | The Switchers

Adonis Valley uses traditional Lebanese and Mediterranean recipes to process the raw material grown at Adonis Valley farmhouse into organic traditional products namely pickles, tomato sauces, jams, juices, dry herbs, vinegars, molasses, and honey.

These products are then nicely packed and sold in the local and regional markets.   

Being dedicated to encourage local farmers towards a more organic agricultural production, the Adonis Valley line is endeavouring to reduce waste pollution in the city by adapting organic techniques and applying them to its production process while involving the local communities.

“Adonis valley works and operates on a fair-trade basis with Lebanese rural communities - more specifically with cooperatives and farmers from all the regions of Lebanon. “We only purchase our raw material from local suppliers, we help in creating and sustaining jobs especially for women and youth in many rural areas. “
Fady DAW, Founder of Adonis Valley
Do you care about what you bring to your table? | The Switchers

Recently in 2016, a new premises with a full healthy environmental cycle was added to the project, it included the installation of 25 ampere photovoltaic panels, and the implementation of a zero waste system where all organic waste is used to feed out animals or to composting, and where water waste is recycled into an irrigation system, which will make it a destination for Eco and Agro tourism in the future.

By combining knowledge with natural ressources, Adonis Valley stands out as a successful model of a nature-conscious project which valorized its local legacy and its natural resources and wanted to share them with the rest of the world.

Adonis Valley Organic Food and agriculture
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