03 May 2017
Taghit, Algeria
Sustainable Tourism

Tourism in Algeria might not be very popular; unlike its neighbors, Algeria is a country with limited tourism in spite of its huge potential, its extraordinary Saharan region and stunning coastlines.

One of the rare touristic getaways in Algeria is a sustainable guest house situated in the heart of the oasis of “Taghit”, aiming to reconnect its local and international visitors with the Sahara desert through ethical and sustainable practices: Dar Terrehut.

[Note: We inform you that Dar Terrehut is currently closed and will re-open its doors in 2020]

Dar Terrehut believes that natural resources are precious and must be safeguarded for future generations and that ecological actions have a tremendous impact on the environment and the planet.

It is a green project which strongly promotes responsible and sustainable tourism. The guest houses in several sizes are suited to couples, families and groups, offering an eco-friendly stay and providing services for a wide variety of visitors to the Algerian desert: dreamers, nomads, researchers and travelers.

Dar Terrehut offers tours and bivouacs through the Saoura region to nature lovers and adventure ecotourists to discover the history and heritage of Beni-Abbes, the cave paintings, and fossils, as well as live folkloric music nights by local bands under a “kheima” (tent), where meals are served and sweet herbal tea or coffee can be enjoyed around a bonfire.

Where few alternatives remain to sustain the livelihoods of poor communities, Dar Terrehut continued to develop its unique green journey through creating a sustainable employment for the local people and promoting eco adventures for their benefit such as camel diving tours, hiking tours, all of which bring income to Bedouin in the Sahara area.

With the desert stretching away to the horizon beyond and the lush dunes surrounding it, Dar Terrehut was able to constitute a complementary approach to natural and cultural resources and to local economy development in Taghit by establishing itself as an ideal gateway for sustainable travel and responsible tourism lovers.

Dar Terrehut Sustainable Tourism