28 Oct 2015
Girona, Spain
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

When Som Energia began in 2011, it had a large goal: use citizen participation to change the existing energy model. Now, the non-profit cooperative focuses on green energy consumption, marketing and producing renewable energy for the masses in and around Girona, and across Spain.

In five years, Som Energia managed to achieve its goal, providing an alternative to the traditional system of energy consumption and production. “We’re committed to driving a change in the current energy model to achieve a 100% renewable model,” the company says. It is driven by the fact that the world’s reliance on fossil fuels is not sustainable.

A non-profit cooperative that focuses on renewable energy consumption | The Switchers

Improving the environment through cooperation:

As a cooperative, Som Energia oversees relationships with more than 41,000 partners and 63,000 contracts. Any individual, organization, or company can join the cooperative by buying an initial share at the cost of €100. The cooperative offers its partners and residents the guarantee that they are consuming renewable energy produced by solar, wind, biogas, and hydroelectric resources.

Som Energia’s model was developed by 60 local groups across Spain, and the cooperative is part of a network of alternative economy and solidarity. In addition to providing its members access to renewable forms of energy, Som Energia also deals with the distribution of industry information among its customers and other stakeholder groups.

Website: www.somenergia.coop 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/somenergia

Photos: Courtesy of Som Energia

Som Energia Renewable energy and energy efficiency