22 Jun 2019
Madaure, Algeria
Sustainable Tourism

Step back in time and learn about efforts to preserve Algerian patrimony in Souk Ahras, a province tucked away in the eastern highlands. You can set yourself up at Domaine Saint-Augustin, a charming bed and breakfast, which is only a short drive from the region’s star attraction, Madaure.

Originally a Numidian settlement, the Romans colonized Madaure and left behind a mausoleum, a theater and various inscriptions until today. Religious pilgrims enjoy following the trail of St Augustine of Hippo, who studied at Madaure’s famous centers of learning. Renowned eco-blogger Karim Tedjani credits the local community’s restoration efforts at Madaure (and several other cultural sites in Souk Ahras) with preserving these ancient wonders for generations to come.

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Domaine Saint-Augustin Sustainable Tourism