18 Apr 2017
Nuweiba, Egypt
Sustainable Tourism

As the world moves towards sustainable tourism, more initiatives are making use of what nature provides and human resources. A setting that proved essential and sensational was the desert of South Sinai.

Former supply chain manager at Procter and Gamble Mohamed Serag, media line manager and freelance documentary filmmaker Randa Said, and former marketing executive Ahmed Abo Elseoud aspired to offer a non-conventional experience. All the more reason, the trio kick-started Dayra Camp, to promote sustainable development through responsible travel. Dayra essentially offers a getaway for people who are looking to travel and make a difference along the way.

How Dayra came to life:

The term“Dayra” means the circle in Arabic denoting a sense of connection and cooperation. The camp is a direct outcome of the cofounders’ incessant desire and long-standing passion. “We all escaped city life to embrace a more responsible role towards our planet,” Serag said.

“Dayra camp is home for responsible travelers and backpackers who seek inner peace, social interaction – those who are willing to help themselves with love,” the camp Facebook page read.

Dayra is located in Mahash area, between mountainous terrains and the red sea. It offers its visitors a life-changing experience through reconnecting with nature, adventure, as well as giving them the chance to stay overnight at homely and authentic accommodations.

The camp is centered in a wonderful spot where it smells like summer nights, while the campfire is glowing up the edges of your shivering body from a chilly evening. That’s what it smells like: good times with friends and easier days.


Beyond just a beautiful view:

An immediate aspect to the camp is the bonding experience, through building a tent, snuggling up to stay warm, and the soft sounds of the wind lulling everybody into a peaceful sleep. Visitors also get to wake up to a breathtaking sunrise and share a warming cup of coffee.

The camp is eco-friendly and carefully designed to ensure maximum enjoyment and positive experiences. Dayra offers an opportunity for its guests to switch off from their normal lives, connect with nature, get to know a different side of Egypt, and feel refreshed afterwards.

Dayra Camp visitors are an interesting amalgamation of people from all walks of life, who are interested in the environment, recycling projects, art, spirituality, and music. The camp has also been receiving an increasing number of volunteers, according to Serag.

“All volunteers are contributing one way or another – our architect-turned-Event Planner and Assistant Operation Manager chose to relocate, work and live responsibly,” Serag added.

“Dayra camp is home for responsible travelers and backpackers who seek inner peace, social interaction - those who are willing to help themselves with love,” the camp Facebook page read.
Tourism takes a sustainable turn in South Sinai | The Switchers

The camp’s main focus is the whole experience, where travelers enjoy every moment of the trip and feel both relaxed and energized by each activity.  The camp harbors a wide variety of workshops such as singing, drawing, dancing, and yoga exercises, all of which aim to connect individuals to nature.

In short, Dayra Camp is a place that offers a lifetime experience, and where you feel yourself gravitating towards the mesmerizing sceneries of nature. Choosing to preserve the environment for generations to come and lessen its footprint on the planet through sustainable tourism, Dayra aims to be a refuge for those who want to live sustainably.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DayraCamp/

Photos: Courtesy of Dayra Camp

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