20 Jun 2016
Rabat, Morocco
Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Waste Management, Sustainable Food and Agriculture

Éléphant Vert, through its Moroccan subsidiary Éléphant Vert Maroc, is working towards the advent of a new high-performance and sustainable agricultural model. To this end, the company markets, among other things, a range of natural products for the agricultural sector resulting from a great deal of work in R&D and organic waste management.

The Swiss group Eléphant Vert is established in Morocco since 2013. Thanks to the support of the Antenna Technologies Foundation, this Moroccan subsidiary offers innovative and 100% natural solutions for the agricultural sector. The company develops several ranges of healthy and ecological products that represent a sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It also offers support services to farmers. In 2015, more than 10,000 farmers benefited from specific training in good agricultural practices.

Eléphant Vert Maroc’s products and services promote the development of “climate-smart agriculture”, a concept developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). This approach aims to reorient agricultural systems to support development and food security objectives in the face of climate change.

100% natural bioinputs for healthy and sustainable agriculture | The Switchers

The organic soil improvers and biofertilizers of Eléphant Vert Maroc are produced from agricultural, agro-industrial or community organic waste, which represent an environmental hazard when left untreated. Since 2016, Elephant Vert Maroc’s industrial equipment enables it to transform 80,000 tons of waste to produce 40,000 tons of biofertilizers. This waste recovery contributes in particular to the sequestration of CO2 thanks to the return of organic matter to agricultural soils.

R&D is at the heart of Elephant Green Morocco’s development strategy. The creation of a subsidiary specialising in Research and Development, VALORHYZE, is testimony to this commitment. Its mission is to provide effective solutions adapted to the specific needs of farmers. To achieve this, VALORHYZE relies on a team of experts who work in collaboration with local research centres.

Éléphant Vert Maroc took part in the creation in 2015 of the BioVal association in order to encourage the development of a circular economy in Morocco. Conceived as a platform for collective action, this association brings together some twenty organizations working to recover Morocco’s organic residues and waste. With the creation of this network and the implementation of favorable synergies, Éléphant Vert Maroc aims to recover 1 million tons of organic waste by 2025.

Éléphant Vert Maroc Biofertilisers production