13 Oct 2015
Tel Aviv, Israel
Sustainable Construction

Travel can change the way we look at the world, and can also inspire ideas around how to improve it. During a trip to India, eco-design entrepreneur Adital Ela noticed something interesting: people would drink tea at a chai stall, throw the used cups on the ground, and walk away. They were not disposing of plastic or paper cups, but instead, clay vessels, ones that would break on the ground and disappear, reincorporated into their natural environment. The earth became the earth again, without leaving a trace.

For Ela, this was a revelation. A graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands, and a TED Fellow, Ela had been working in sustainable design for many years through her agency, SustainableSense by Design. She was also teaching design courses at the Holon Institute of Technology.

Eco-design solutions inspired by the Earth | The Switchers

Creating Criaterra:
Ela first launched her project, called Criaterra, as a line of furniture at the Milan Design Fair in 2013. These small pieces were stylish, eco-friendly, and robust, made completely from materials that had reached the end of their conventional lifespan.

It took time for Ela to develop a solution from scratch, especially one that met all the necessary industry standards. Criaterra’s sustainable construction materials were refined through three years of research and development. The resulting product is construction materials that are 100% recyclable and completely natural. Nearly three quarters of the materials used come from waste produced by the agricultural and construction sectors.

Our unique value proposition is the novel combination of deeply sustainable and structurally sound building materials.Adital Ela, Eco-designer for Criaterra
Eco-design solutions inspired by the Earth | The Switchers

A lot has changed since she launched that small furniture line. Today, Criaterra develops eco-innovative materials and technologies for the construction industry, a sector dominated by the use of cement and other greenhouse gas emitting materials.

Criaterra, therefore, offers a real alternative by developing structural composites that are both strong and environmentally-friendly.


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Photos: Courtesy of Criaterra

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