22 Dec 2015
Fefa, Jordan
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

EDAMA is switching up villages across Jordan, transforming them into the eco-villages of the future. The professional association promotes the effective management of water and renewable energies across the country, and created the eco-villages project in 2015 to help this mission along. That project involves implementing photovoltaic solar systems in poor Jordanian villages in order to improve the quality of life and reduce energy costs.

In Arabic, EDAMA translates to sustainability, a good explanation of the association’s focus. Created in 2010, EDAMA brings together stakeholders in the fields of renewable energy and water, in order to build their capacity and drive action.

The making of a Jordanian eco-village:

The first eco-village was created in Fefa, a small community at the southern edge of the Jordan Valley. The area was already protected by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN). With 3,700 residents and a warm and sunny climate, Fefa was the ideal setting for the trial solar project.

To transform the village into an eco-village, solar panels were installed on main public buildings, including a mosque, nursery, health center, and schools. Solar street lights were also installed in a Bedouin area that previously did not have electricity. That entire photovoltaic system was able to cover 30% of the energy consumption of the village.

To ensure the longevity of the eco-villages, village representatives are involved in raising awareness within the local community, impressing on residents the many advantages of photovoltaic systems. The message is simple: beyond their low environmental impact, solar systems also mean reduced energy costs and an uninterrupted supply of electricity.  

Several years in, the project has not only improved the quality of life for the inhabitants of Fefa, but has also engaged the community in the sustainable development process. Four residents have benefited from renewable energy training, and are now responsible for the maintenance of the installation.

After the success in Fefa, EDAMA is working on two new eco-villages in the south. Ultimately, the initiative will open new economic prospects for the renewable energy sector in Jordan.

Website: http://www.edama.jo

Photos: Courtesy of EDAMA

Edama Renewable energy and energy efficiency