26 Jun 2017
Rabat, Morocco
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

To create any sustainable system, whether it is based on food or energy, it is necessary to first cultivate budding start-up companies of young farmers and entrepreneurs. Such collaborations connect young people with both financial and technical resources and provide the knowledge necessary to develop a successful business.

“In the sustainable sector, competition increases in all stages of the value chain. This means that commercializing renewable energies will be more and more the key success factor,” Industrial Engineer Soukaina Settala said. “On one hand, this requires the integration and optimization of marketing and sales processes. On the other, new business models become more and more important.”

Inspired by this need to support and cultivate a connection between sustainable systems in Morocco, Settala, who has an extensive background in consultancy and energies conservation, founded her own networking company, in February 2015, MS Lean.

“I noticed the importance of having accurate information that feeds into developing sustainable projects by young leaders. However, there were some improvements to be made and I decided to implement them within my own consultancy firm,” Settala said. “I worked for two years at a firm specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energies where I was inspired to establish MS Lean hoping to solve the issue of energy dependence on imported hydrocarbons in Morocco.”

It starts with the decision makers:

“Thanks to the importance given by the Moroccan state to this aspect, be it bank regulations or organizations set up to encourage industrial companies to invest in this area, Soukaina established MS Lean and began offering services (training and audits) in the energy efficiency field,” Mohamed Mada, energy efficiency and renewable energy expert and a Professor at the Public Engineering School of Rabat.

MS Lean is an independent, creative consulting firm focused on improving the performance of industrial and administrative processes based on the Toyota Production System, as stated on their official website. It aims at supporting small businesses and agricultural cooperatives by giving them various solutions adapted to their needs in order to better rationalize and optimize their energy utilization.

“We specialize in the conduct of quality management, environment, and sustainable development progress approaches to improve the performance of startups and organizations in a sustainable way,” Settala said. “We offer our technical expertise to projects, from strategy to implementation and we serve businesses, governments, and non-profits around Morocco with technical, commercial services,” she added.

Additionally, MS Lean advises, trains, and supports their clients in the deployment of concepts known as “Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen”. Through the implementation of these concepts, and in a demanding international environment, MS Lean has developed a solid experience in process improvement. The key to their success lies not only in their ability to generate fast and meaningful results but also in the energy they deploy to transmit their know-how in sustainable development.

For MS Lean, improving systems also means ensuring its sustainability and future results. Taking into account the reality of the company, the MS Lean method instigates the creativity of its employees as well as their projection in the future thanks to visual tools pedagogies. “We come from the industries we serve and understand the specific issues to renewable energy projects,” Settala expanded.

Helping organizations perform in a sustainable manner:

MS Lean’s mission is to reduce the energy billing of industrial, agricultural, and hospitality businesses by carrying out an energy audit of their electrical and thermal equipment and installations. As such, MS Lean tailors projects that can optimize their energy consumption, considerably reduce their costs, and increase their competitiveness. “We help organizations position themselves in an ecological way,” Settala said.

These projects can be followed by an offer to accompany the projects with the research, purchase, installation, and use of the equipment until they obtain the desired results, with support for proposals for financing from banks or funding bodies.

“We developed a complete range of services to provide a perfect response to the needs of our clients. Training staff, internal audits, process approach, indicators, quality management, safety and environment, support for ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certifications,“ Settala says.

Skilled and experienced consultants:

Customer satisfaction is MS Lean’s priority. Upon viewing their website, they prove their reliability by stating the reasons why their clients would want to choose their company.

“We have been able to work together on a few projects, such as training for industrial companies on different topics (boilers, steam circuit, and thermal insulation) or on some energy efficiency audits for industrial companies such as the CMCP International Paper in Kenitra for example,”  Mada said.

The consulting engineers working for MS Lean are experienced and are referenced by numerous training, audit and advisory bodies: They have at least 10 years of experience in consulting and auditing of management systems and are auditors certified IRCA. “We are powered by exceptional people united in a relentless pursuit to elevate advisory services and deliver new levels of value for our clients. We work with the public sector, private equity, and financial services firms,” Settala stated.

MS Lean also provides a wide range of customized training for their clients, in fields such as legal procedures, finance, quality management, sustainable development, networking, and telecom.

It then helps such companies build their personal progress plan. All in all, MS Lean offers coaching in order to respond more pragmatically to the difficulties encountered during the implementation of the training.


Website: http://mslean.ma

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/msleanconseil

Photos: Courtesy of MS Lean

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